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Back to School Snacks by Mitzi Dulan on Fox 4 News
24 August 2016
Mitzi Dulan, registered dietitian and team nutritionist of Kansas City Royals, appeared on Fox 4 News to offer tips on healthy back to school snacks. Mitzi Dulan suggested healthy foods such as nut butter, frozen grapes, hydrating WTRMLN WTR and her simplyFUEL protein balls that are great for lunch, after school, and before practice.
11 July 2016
Ganeden is working to cultivate probiotic innovation in the food and beverage industries. Launching an industry-first entrepreneurial program, the probiotic ingredient manufacturer aims to help...
16 June 2016
Ganeden took the probiotic industry by storm with the announcement of its first-ever Innovation Jumpstart program, which encouraged the development...
05 April 2016
Mitzi Dulan plans to take her popular snack to retail under the name SimplyFuel. The original recipe published in The Star went viral before and after the World Series.