Ball Love

Ball Love

Here's what our fueling fans from across the country are saying about our simplyFUEL protein balls! We truly appreciate all the LOVE!

"Better nutrition better be delicious and these are all that and then convenient - score

Ashley Koff, RD, The Better Nutrition Simplified Membership, Washington DC

Perfect, quick, filling, nutritious and most importantly a delicious snack for mom and a kiddo who is always on-the-go! I always have these protein balls on hand in my house!

- Abbie Connelly, Leawood, Kansas

"Well they are a hit at my house. I haven't been home yet but my son had one and loved it. Got home. I love them. They are awesome. I need a standing order!"

- Terry Gardner, Chillicothe, MO

"I pick up my weekly order of protein balls for my 11 year-old son every single week from Mitzi. He LOVES them so much more than the ones I’ve tried to make. He also believes he plays better on the baseball field when he eats them for his tournament snacks."

- Ang Fraher, mom to 11-year-old, Isaiah


"The first bag lasted less than 5 minutes!! simplyFUEL is an awesome satisfying snack for on-the-go or at home...thanks Mitzi!!"

-Manny Urquilla, Louisville, Kentucky 

"A delicious and satisfying snack before or after a workout or to help fuel you for the day! It's hard to believe that something so tasty is good for yo, too!"

- Hannah Krieg, Overland Park, Kansas


“I just love the simplyFuel Protein balls! They are great before my workout, after my workout, on the golf course or for a mid day snack when you need a healthy choice! My 22-year-old daughter and I both really enjoy them. They taste GREAT and are so good for you! I SERIOUSLY LOVE them!"

- Barb Hendrix, Leawood, Kansas


"My wife and I love the chocolate coconut peanut butter protein balls!! Great food and great fuel for the day!!"

- Lance Hall, Owasso, Oklahoma