Plant Based Protein Powder
Plant Based Protein Powder
Plant Based Protein Powder
Plant Based Protein Powder
Plant Based Protein Powder

Plant Based Protein Powder

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simplyFUEL's first PROTEIN POWDER is made with only ONE INGREDIENT! Chickpea protein. It tastes delicious with a smooth, clean taste with NO stevia. In fact, it tastes the closest to whey protein but it is 100% plant based. Perfect to add to smoothies, oatmeal or you can even bake with it!
Our simplyFUEL Plant Based Protein is also unflavored so it is the ideal addition to your recipes to boost protein content. Our protein powder is Non-GMO, gluten free and sourced in the US. Our protein powder is loaded with 20 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber with no added sugar.


Use: Perfect in smoothies, yogurt, pancakes or any other way you can eat, drink and bake with it! 


What’s Inside Our Plant Based Protein Powder?


Gluten Free

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

Of all the types & brands I’ve tried, this is the best. So far I’ve used it to make smoothies and love it!

Messy but great product!

I am sure it’s not easy to manipulate the texture of a product with one ingredient, but the powder gets everywhere. I love that it’s not flavored and can go in anything to add protein so just need to find more recipes that get it to stick together or dissolve.

Amanda Fortuna

Love this protein powder! I am so glad my nutritionist recommended it. It is so delicious and what I love most is how it is only one ingredient.

Kristy D.
Best protein powder I've found!

I put this in my smoothie every day. I normally put 2 tablespoons (1/2 scoop) and I feel full longer and it doesn't change the flavor of my smoothie. I love this stuff.

Jill Ost
First Time with Plant Based Protein

I've been trying to really pay attention to the ingredient list on food, especially "added sugar" on labels, since my breast cancer diagnosis three years ago. I tried the plant based protein from simplyFuel and it was great. No after taste. I still get 20 grams of protein with NO added sugars. And, it is made from ONE ingredient. I have been putting in my smoothies, oatmeal and soups.